For over a decade now, I have lived mostly in a small corner of the Indian forest.

Everyday I spent there I felt like I was being ‘forced’ to seek out constantly renewed ways of relating to this ¬†incomprehensible mystery of being alive.

When I first arrived I was full of questions but soon enough I found out that I was not going to get any answers, even though the forest revealed itself to me as an alluring living body, always ready to take me deeper into an intimacy with myself and others that I did not know before.

I also found no Paradise, no ‘ever lasting happiness’, but the forest did taught me how to see ever more beauty even in the most unlikely places.

I thank you my friend Forest, for having received me so graciously amongst your trees, animals and people……. I will never forget you.



One thought on “Forest

  1. the wild boar in the forest finds his place where he sleeps… with each sun rise he is reborn and with each moon he is transformed.

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