Lonely Views

Cow shed Oil on canvas

Cow shed
Oil on canvas


For over a year this was my Cow shed.

The cow lived below, behind the green door, and I above on the room with the blue window.  Here snow falls and everything becomes silent…


Lonely Views

Boundless space all around.  Far away from everything known.  Away, even from one`s mind.  Being in the way, away.  Nowhere to return too.

There is no salvation for one such as this, redemption is impossible and no condemnation either.  Who could contain him, that stands nowhere ?

Up high in the mountains, suspended by strings of nothingness, movement comes from every slight touch.  He carries the distant winds inside.  In the room words break out but loose themselves in unknown directions, no one hears them, everything is white.

No exotic or familiar attractions.  The clear running waters of the mind pass silently.  Looking out from the blue window I see a footprint left behind, but the continuously falling snow soon takes it away.  No traces, no path to follow, nothing  to be relied upon…

Trembling in the sunlight of a different star, disintegration itself disintegrates .

No hope is there for those with hope.


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