Feel at home

Feel at home


” Why  is  there  anything  at  all  ?   Why  isn`t  there  just  nothing  ? ”

-Martin Heidegger


Art is a search for a meaning of why is there anything at all, instead of just nothing.

This is not like a scientific quest, a search for a primordial molecule, an undivided element, this is rather a search for a reason, an impulse from which everything must have proceeded originally.

Art looks for a time before the primordial unity got divided into multiplicity.

Art starts off from this multiplicity of the manifested world and tries to push back and back into the uncreated unity.

Through a profound intimation with “things as they are”, art cuts into appearances  strait to the core, the heart of Reality.

What moves an artist is the relentless desire to know the truth.


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. To contemplate the impulse that created it all, to try to reach into that space or even touch it briefly, that space of uncreated unity, takes us out of our little constricted worlds and into a space that is beyond. I think to do this is a healthy endeavour, one which pushes our boundaries within which we sit so comfortably and operate almost robotically and mindlessly. Our experience of life is so much a product of our current time – our personal experiences, childhoods, influences, world politics, etc. – yet there are those things which exist beyond that, those timeless things that always were and always will be going on in the background, sustaining us, creating us, destroying us, and again over and over again. The forces that allow us to be. They are and always will be important to humanity, and I think it’s healthy for us to tap into that as often as we can, to take our minds outside of ourselves, outside of the finite things, out to the timeless and infinite things. Because that may be perhaps, possibly, potentially where we came from, where we reside, and where we are going. And finally, paradoxically, we can take our minds outwards, beyond, by going inwards. It is one and the same thing. As you have written Elio, art is another means of tapping into these things. The avenue of art is not one that I have felt or experienced myself, but I would be interested to hear more from you about this.

  2. there are many mediums for art, some requiring nothing more than being present in the moment… the eye and ear capture meaning and imprint it upon nothing at all and at the same time, pass on a beauty that is not meant to be seen or heard.

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