GoArt Arambol 2014/15




The event…..










The work…..




Babu, 12


Ozil 1


Ozil, 13


Ozil 2

Ozil, 13


Sahi 1


Sahi, 15


Mayur 2


Mayur, 10


Shanto 1


Shanto, 11


Shanto 2


Shanto, 11


Yeshe 1


Yeshe, 11


Yeshe 2


Aditya, 13




Padma, 12




Diptesh, 11


Komal 1


Komal, 15


Komal 2


Komal, 15


3 thoughts on “GoArt Arambol 2014/15

  1. Que fantástico o trabalho das crianças! Muito bonito, com muita expressão. Parabéns Élio e parabéns às crianças!

  2. OZIL – has a good sense of colour and form. like his work.
    SHANTO – very bold, innocent and somehow striking!
    BABU – little elio. a bit lost still finding himself…
    ADITYA – a more mature version of Babu
    PADMA – hmmm, Elio, you are in there but he has captured it for himself as well….
    DIPTESH – very modern, confident, making a statement
    KOMAL – interesting, he developed in just 2 paintings. from conservative to freedom… keep working at it.
    YESHE – I can relate! keep trying and don’t be put off by being around those who have a natural flair…
    I would purchase OZIL’s first painting. Shantos first painting and Diptesh’s. in that order.
    I would also purchase Yeshe’s painting and put it on your wall to remind you of me.
    are any for sale???

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