Portuguese Artist


Elio Pereira was born in Lisboa, Portugal in 1959.  In the late 70`s and early 80`s he studied with artists Laranjeira Santos and Teresa Pavao in his native city.    After travelling to Australia  he completed a Fine Arts Degree in Melbourne (1988), subsequently studying with Arts Educator Mervyn Moriarty. He has held exhibitions  in both Portugal and Australia.

In the last ten years, Elio has spent most of his time in India where besides painting he has followed his other complementary passion, the study of oriental mysticism.

On this site you will find not only some of his art work but also writings, photos and important quotes on art and philosophy.

Please feel free to contact him directly through his e-mail.

This is an evolving site…be patient …and know that  your suggestions are most welcomed.



5 thoughts on “Portuguese Artist

  1. Elio,

    Antes de mais espero que esteja tudo bem contigo. Há duas horas estive com o teu irmão….está com vontade de me fazer concorrência…..no tamanhho da barriga…:-)))

    Muitos parabéns. Tens aqui quadros muito muito bonitos….Envia-me o catálogo com preços.

    Um forte abraço,


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