Mountain retreat notes…. the breath of the inner Moon





I was thinking this morning about our great cities

the tall buildings, the busy streets below,

the people, conducting their lives,

so many goals to be attained,

so many destinies to be fulfilled,


so many important speeches to be delivered,

so many decisions to be made,

ideas to implement, actions to be taken,

problems to be solved,

so many selves…..


What am I doing here in the mountains ?

contemplating thin clouds

as they dissolve in the empty sky,

breathing the breath of the inner Moon.


But then again…..I thought,

have the birds stopped singing ?

have the flowers stopped flowering ?

have the celestial bodies stopped turning

in their immeasurable vastness ?



How much can we control ?


the beat of our hearts ?

the dreams that we dream ?

the silence of our own death ?


” We are all too ready to believe that the self that we have created out of our more or less inauthentic efforts to be real in the eyes of others is a ‘real self ‘. We even take it for our identity. Fidelity to such a non identity is of course infidelity to our real person, which is hidden in mystery. Who will you find that has enough faith and self-respect to attend to this mystery and to begin by accepting himself as unknown ? ”


Thomas Merton`s words echoed in my mind….


white mists from below were rising up

caressing weightlessly the dark pines.


I had another sip of the tea

from the cup lying in my cold hands,

outside, the moistened leaves

were shining in the morning light.











GoArt Arambol 2014/15




The event…..










The work…..




Babu, 12


Ozil 1


Ozil, 13


Ozil 2

Ozil, 13


Sahi 1


Sahi, 15


Mayur 2


Mayur, 10


Shanto 1


Shanto, 11


Shanto 2


Shanto, 11


Yeshe 1


Yeshe, 11


Yeshe 2


Aditya, 13




Padma, 12




Diptesh, 11


Komal 1


Komal, 15


Komal 2


Komal, 15

Portuguese Artist


Elio Pereira was born in Lisboa, Portugal in 1959.  In the late 70`s and early 80`s he studied with artists Laranjeira Santos and Teresa Pavao in his native city.    After travelling to Australia  he completed a Fine Arts Degree in Melbourne (1988), subsequently studying with Arts Educator Mervyn Moriarty. He has held exhibitions  in both Portugal and Australia.

In the last ten years, Elio has spent most of his time in India where besides painting he has followed his other complementary passion, the study of oriental mysticism.

On this site you will find not only some of his art work but also writings, photos and important quotes on art and philosophy.

Please feel free to contact him directly through his e-mail.

This is an evolving site…be patient …and know that  your suggestions are most welcomed.